Oli’s, the restaurant with a high-end, upscale feel


Otjiwarongo is better known as the “Cheetah Capital of the World”.   But there is one place that you can’t miss, a restaurant with a high-end, upscale feel, Oli’s Restaurant. With creative, incredible chefs, an outstanding waitressing  staff, elegant surroundings, this specific place is perfect for a family restaurant during the day, and lounge by night. Pinehas nakaziko scouts the fine dining atmopshere which guarantees you value for your money.

A brainchild of Olivia Tsibes, a local businessperson, who also loves cooking, Oli’s is an abbreviation from the name Olivia.
Located at the corner of St George’s and Rikumbi Kandanga street at the Carstensens Building,Shop No. 6, Oli’s menu offers quite a variety from traditional meals, western cuisines as well as healthy foods. Traditionally there is the popular combo of tripe, dried meat (eedungu) and mahangu pap. T-bone and veggies, plus Pizzas, Lamb Chops and Chicken Fillet are the other delicasies.
The restaurant also sells all type of drinks, from Tequila sunrise, blue lagoon, Oli’s Jar, Ciders, beers and other drinks. “This is because the restaurant is located centrally and attracts different tribes both locally and internationally and serves as a stopover for tourists in town, therefore we cater for all,” Tsibes markets her joint. A family rendezvous from toddlers to the aged “it has a serene atmosphere, serve breakfast, lunch, light meals in-between and dinner,” she adds that growing up as a Damara child in Orwetoveni here, she always loved experimenting with recipes by hosted home dinners.

Tsibes generally loves getting together with loved ones having good food and wine and lots of laughter. And this is Oli’s offers in abundance.

The idea of the restaurant was born towards the end of 2014, but only came to realisation in the middle of last year. According to Tsibes, with a seating capacity of 55- 60, the venue is also open for birthday parties, business meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, networking events and aims on growing into the “warehouse theatre” of Otjiwarongo by combining efforts with local artists.

Oli’s that has combined efforts with Genesis Events Management, owned by local media personality, Lischen Khachas, official launches on August 27.

Intended a red carpet event, invitees include the who’s who of Otjiwarongo. “Performance by soothing Berthold Mbinda, this will also be a platform for networking,” entices Khachas. Future attractions include Oli’s Spotlight Evenings every second month. According to Tsibes, they aim to inspire, motivate and empower young people. The Spotlight will feature motivational speakers, life coaches and many more, especially those with inspirational tales behind their successes.

Currently, the restaurant is managed by young and vibrant 21- year-old Wayne Uxamb, charismatic who is proves the force Oli’s fast-growing reputation as a first eatery choice in the town. The philosophy is to empower young men as respectable and responsible members of society. Tsibes believes much focus has been put on the girl child, however, young men also need empowering.


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