Three murders recorded in Omusati this week



The police in Omusati Region have recorded three murders within a space of four days, with each victim brutally stabbed to death.
In the latest incident, 38-year-old Elifas Mbendeka from Oshitukathitu was stabbed twice with a knife on Tuesday, causing him to die instantly. Thirty-four-year old Josef Shimbulu has been charged and was expected to appear in court on Thursday charged with the crime.

Police public relations officer in Omusati Region Sergeant Anna Kunga said the cause of the fight is not known.
“Sources claim the two had been fighting the whole day, but it is alleged that at the time of the incident the two had moved from the crowd into the bush when the stabbing took place,” Kunga said.

On Sunday, an Angolan national was also stabbed in the chest by an unknown person with an unknown object. Forty-two-year-old Pedro Fidel Dasilva is said to have also died at the scene at Onhimbu location in Outapi. No suspect has been arrested in connection with his killing and police investigations into the matter continue

A man was also stabbed several times with a knife on Saturday at Okaunguvia village in the area of Onesi in Omusati Region, where he later died. According to Sergeant Kunga, the deceased and the suspect had alleged been fighting over a memory card, when the stabbing took place.

“It is not known whose memory card it is, or why they were actually fighting over the memory card,” Kunga said.

The suspect, 36-year-old Frans Eita appeared in court on Tuesday. His case was postponed to October 17 to allow for further investigations.


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