German volunteer helps San children



Learners, many of whom come from destitute families, who are being housed at a community hostel near the village of Mururani in Kavango West had their spririts lifted after a Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) volunteer from Germany, Tobias Bergemann, donated 40 blankets and 40 mattresses to them through the NRCS.

According to the volunteer who arranged the donation, after seeing the pathetic conditions the children live in it touched him and motivated him look for funds from his country of origin, Germany.

Regional head of the NRCS Matomola Masule told New Era they managed to secure funds with the help of volunteers in Germany.
“I started raising money from Germany and received a donation from a company to help those children,” said Bergemann. “We all felt very thankful for the opportunity to give to the children,” said Bergemann.

The community in Mururani established the hostel to accommodate children from surrounding villages, especially the ones that come from destitute San families. Head of department at Mururani Combined School Mathias Ndumba received the donation on behalf of the learners.

“We appreciate the Red Cross as an organisation where the volunteer is from and thank you for the donations,” Ndumba said. “The community hostel started at Mururani village in 2006 and plays a significant role in the community in that it gives support to specific children,” he added.

According to the HoD, the school has a good relationship with the NRCS and previously also received donations from them. At one point the school received school uniforms fromthe NRCS.


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