Emerging businesses feel left out of tourism trade



The Office of the Regional Councillor of !Nami#nus Constituency was recently approached by concerned members of the Lüderitz business community with a request that a forum be created to promote the involvement of previously disadvantaged businesspeople in the tourism sector.

The meeting was convened on Thursday at the office of Jan Scholtz, the regional councillor, and was attended by 20 participants in the local tourism sector, as well as the chairman of Lüderitz Town Council’s management committee, Calvin Mwiya.

Previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs said they felt left in the dark regarding information about their area of business and need the local leadership under the regional councillor to be updated on the state of affairs. One of the key contentions raised is that the present forum representing tourism in the constituency comprises only three members and is not representative of the!Nami#nus population at large.

It was found that some of the emerging tourism entrepreneurs had applied for concessions through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, but without any positive feedback as yet.

Scholtz told the gathering that “one of the Harambee Prosperity Plan’s critical facets is that nobody must be left out, as we are all bricks and mortar in the Namibian House.” With that said, Scholtz suggested – with the agreement of the gathering – that a committee be created to begin the process of gaining inclusion and representing all tourism operators, especially previously disadvantaged Namibians.

The steering committee includes Manfred Anderson, Sandra Joshua and Simon Haindongo. The three were tasked to regularly update the Office of the Regional Councillor on the progress made.

The meeting ended amicably and all present expressed their contentment with the outcome and seemed positive regarding the future of tourism and its prospects at the town and in the local constituency.


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