Father and son jailed for beating sibling to death



A 27-year-old man succumbed to head injuries sustained in a vicious assault by his biological father and brother at his home in Omulondo village in Onayena Constituency.

The man, who has been identified as Andreas Kulya, was beaten with hoe handles (omipini) by his father and brother, who reportedly came to the defence of Andreas’ 61-year-old mother. It is alleged that Andreas had attacked his mother after being questioned about bed sheets that went missing from the family home.

The deceased man was subsequently attacked by his biological father and brother in defence of Andreas’ mother, crime investigations coordinator of the police in Oshikoto Region Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua said.

The father and son – who have not been named pending their appearance in court – were arrested for the murder of Kulya, who died in Onandjokwe Hospital on Wednesday evening, a mere two hours after the attack. It is reported that it was not the first time the late Kulya attacked his family violently, although his family did not report earlier attacks to the police.

In another incident in Oshikoto Region on Wednesday, 40-year-old Linus Tangeni Erastus committed suicide after his girlfriend terminated their relationship. It is alleged the couple started quarreling after his partner indicated her intention to end the relationship.

“It’s alleged that the deceased was having a heated argument with his girlfriend after she decided to leave him,” said Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua. Erastus was later found hanging from the roof of his shack by a rope around his neck after the girlfriend had left with all her belongings. He did not leave behind a suicide note.

A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death. His next of kin have been informed.

A post-mortem will also be conducted to determine the cause of death of 26-year-old Angolan national Hanivali Frans, who is said to have died after drinking water at a neighbour’s house. It is alleged that after drinking the water, he started vomiting vigorously and died shortly after. The incident happened at around 10h30 on Wednesday morning.


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