Massive developments to transform Lüderitz



The CEO of the Lüderitz Waterfront, Fluksman Samuehl, has briefed local politicians about the multi-million-dollar Old Power Station development project that is said to be progressing well and which is scheduled to be completed by 2017.

The facility will host the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), an auditorium and maritime museum, among others, once completed.

The Old Power Station is being renovated at a cost of N$280 million, which is part of the second phase of the Lüderitz Waterfront.
The renovation project commenced in June 2013.

Samuehl during his briefing last Saturday, during the familiarization tour of the local political leadership coordinated by !Nami#nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz to acquaint themselves with the development of the project, said the government has invested almost N$300 million in the entire project.

The Old Power Station development project has attracted the participation of three ministries, namely, the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service and Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

In 2009, Cabinet issued a directive to these ministries to support the Lüderitz Waterfront project, and to set up the institute of higher learning satellite campus under the auspices of NUST.

About 60 percent of the project is marked for the promotion of education and training under the auspices of NUST, where about 30 percent of the space provided is for indoor and outdoor sport facilities, while 10 percent will cover the maritime museum.

“The Old Power Station is a large historical building located at the edge of the sea, established in 1911 and is listed as one of the largest buildings in Namibia. The second phase of the Lüderitz Waterfront is also at an advanced stage and it will incorporate a shopping centre, waterfront apartments and a 70-room four-star waterfront hotel,” he said.

Scholtz together with his delegation expressed their satisfaction with the progress made thus far, but wished that the development could be hastened so that residents of the town could start to reap benefits soon in terms of jobs, and have greater access to educational facilities.


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