Know Your Governors: Lucia Basson


Lucia Basson

Lucia Basson was born on March 20, 1953

Appointment Profile

Governor of the //Karas region since last year.


As a child, she was educated at Minnah Sachs Primary school from 1964-1971, and attend high school at ST. Therese High school at Tses from 1972-1973. Due to financial constraints she left the High school after then Standard 8 (Grade 10) and started teaching in Vaalgras Primary school between year 1975-1976.


Founding member of NANTU, former MP and former special advisor to the Governor of //Karas Region.

She also served in various Parliament standing committees; she was a Local Authority councilor in Mariental; A former Swapo Party Women Council Regional Coordinator; former party regional coordinator, and currently a member of the Swapo Central Committee of the Swapo Party Women Council.

She was a member of the Central Committee of SWAPO Youth League in the early 80’s; she also was elected as Local Authority Councilor in Mariental and also served as Chairperson of the Management Committee.

Leadership Interests

Transparency, honesty, sharing, respect, unity, hard work


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