‘Struggle kids’ said to be happy with relocation

A life of struggle… Struggle kids earlier this month celebrated news of their relocation. The group says they are content with their current situation at Berg Aukas.


The 138 struggle kids, who were relocated from the Swapo Office in Oshakati to Berg Aukas near Grootfontein earlier this month, are said to be settling in well at their temporary new home. The group from Oshakati was put together with a group of fellow struggle kids from Grootfontein, bringing the total to 187.

Speaking to New Era from Berg Aukas, the leader of the group from Oshakati, Ndilipunye Hainyanyula, said the group is content with the treatment they have received since they have been relocated.

Hainyanyula was further grateful that government has availed all essential services to them at the camp where they are expected to stay for the next six months.

They have been provided with bedding, food, spacious rooms, water and electricity and are said to have free access to medical services. “We’re really happy with what has been done for us so far. Our needs have been catered for and we have not experienced any difficulties since we arrived here,” Hainyanyula said.

The group, which has now been placed under the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, is expected to commence with training this week.

Since their arrival at Berg Aukas the group had been undergoing various registration processes. However, all that has been completed and training is about to commence.

According to Hainyanyula, the group will start off with civic training and will thereafter undertake various courses. They will receive training in vocational trades, such as plumping, agriculture, mechanics, culinary skills and hairdressing, among others.

At the time of their departure Governor of Oshana Region Clemens Kashuupulwa urged them to take the training seriously and to abide by the instructions given to them.


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