Monika’s reflections: Hold onto what benefits you


In life there are things that work in our favors and they are what I am referring to and they are what you should hold onto as they are your tickets to living a happy, prosperous life.

Remember never to settle for less and never live according to the expectations of those who do not know your struggles in life. Know how to live for yourself and you should have self-love towards yourself. It’s about time we learn how to walk away from what
does not benefit us, learn how to say NO to what does not contribute to our happiness but gives us sorrow instead. It is not worth our presence if something is worth fighting for then give it our all, if it turns out to be as tough as bending nails then move on to better things.

I’m particularly referring to broken relationships, abusive relationships and relationships that feel like they are forced. If it feels like it’s forced, then it clearly means that you must run from this particular entity unless you are planning on changing things for
the better. What makes you think that you are worth the beating that you are getting, or the harsh words that are always hauled at you? You are a human being that deserves nothing but honourable treatment and others’ companionship.

Do not let anyone look down upon your flaws and turn them into mockery, remember that our imperfections are what makes us unique and different from other people, so it is up to you to reflect on how everybody treats you and know those that are there for your
best interest and those that are there to make your life a laughing stock.

Those that are there to watch you be yourself and still love you for who you are, particularly the kind of people that you should hold onto, they benefit you. There are those relationships that one is always scared of leaving, for fear of going out there and
find someone else, or for fear of not finding someone at all. Leave your shell, have the guts of leaving an abusive relationship because you surely deserve better. There are far better people out there who are ready to go at the end of the world for you. You have
to hold onto what makes you happy, if it does not then that is a sign that it is not worth your time and energy.

Live a positive life, live your own life in the way that suits you, but avoid making other people feel bad about themselves. It’s your life and if you let people push you around then you are giving other people the right to live it for you. All in all just respect yourself
and treat yourself to a better life by holding onto things that benefits you.


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