MTC experiences constant network failure



MTC’s constant network interruptions have caused a disturbance among many of its northern customers and since the past week they have not been able to communicate efficiently.

There seems to be weak network coverage and phone calls are either cut short or some numbers erroneously report to be non-existent on the MTC network.

In addition, some mobile phones indicate to be off despite being on.
Some customers indicated one is required to call at least several times before getting hold of the intended person while those in the remote areas were completely cut off on Saturday when the network was deemed seriously worse.

“We had no network coverage the whole Saturday and Sunday morning. Calling from here is almost impossible but we have been able to receive calls after Sunday midday, although there are still constant interruptions,” lamented a client from Omuntele Constituency in Oshikoto Region.

The network interruption comes shortly after MTC had upgraded its network connectivity from 2G to 3G network and the initiative to improve coverage in poor network areas particularly in remote areas.

The upgrade cost MTC N$60 million.
MTC at the end of June embarked on a OSmartPhona road show, selling a smartphone for N$399 in order to bring affordable 3G smartphone to rural communities across the country.

By last week Monday, MTC had sold at least 4 000 smartphones of its target of 20 000 units expected to have been sold at the end of the road show.

Corporate communications practitioner John Ekongo briefly told New Era that that the mobile users are many before requesting the reporter to send him questions via email.

But Ekongo said he had not received response from the technical department.


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