‘Silver City’ kindergarten receives tinned fish



Last Wednesday morning was a joyous occasion for Mpotuli Kindergarten in Rundu’s informal settlement that is referred to by many as ‘Silver City’ due to the corrugated iron-sheet shacks that shine from a distance.

Silver City is located on the southern outskirts of Rundu south of the Trans-Caprivi Highway.
The kindergarten received boxes of canned fish from Etosha Fishing Company from Walvis Bay.

“Because of the drought we decided to make the donation and this is not the only one. Etosha Fishing is a caring company and we do look after people,” said Van Dyk who delivered the donation.

“I’m a skipper on one of the vessels and I delivered the fish on behalf of the company. We always give fish to schools in and around Walvis Bay,” Van Dyk added.

However, this is not a one-off donation as the company might in future still assist the school with further feeding the children.
Roswitha Mukoya the head teacher said the kindergarten currently has 81 learners and three teachers – each responsible for three classes.

“We use the little money that we get from parents to run the school. We use it to buy study materials for our learners as well as teaching materials and for the expansion of the school,” she added.

According to Jerry Thimende who received the donation on behalf of his mother, the founder of the kindergarten, Kornelia Thimende, the donation means a lot to them because the school has been struggling to feed the learners who come from poor homes.

“With the donated fish we can continue to serve the kids with a meal daily and with that we would like to thank Etosha Fishing for the fish aid. We really appreciate it and the kids are going to enjoy it,” Jerry said.


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