FNB in catch-22 situation


Yours truly has never been one who is in the habit of multiplying entities beyond necessity, but alas the drawn-out salary dispute between Orlando Pirates Football Club and its playing personnel is becoming an issue of serious public concern.

If one thing is allowed to happen, this will inevitably trigger a chain of subsequent undesirable events, just as one knocks over one domino it will eventually topple the next and so on.

Namibia is a country infested by inhabitants who have made it their sole beat to be in moral decay, or else how does one explain the actions of greedy sports officials and football administrators who have turned into vultures.

Without beating about the bush, yours truly has been following and monitoring with keen interest and grave concern the latest ongoing shenanigans in the country’s topflight football league, the MTC Premiership (NPL).

Across our border, Zimbabwe is currently a nation in political turmoil but despite all the challenges and difficulties, things are certainly done by the book in Mugabe’s kingdom. Football in Zimbabwe is flourishing as can be attested by the large numbers of spectators at league matches, notwithstanding that country’s economic meltdown. Matches are televised live on Africa’s largest pay channel Supersports via DStv.

We should perhaps swallow our pride or rather false beliefs and take a leaf out of Zimbabwe’s book.
It’s very sad to learn about cases and daily complaints of footballers not being paid by their respective employers while these blokes freely enjoy another day in the sun at the expense of the very same subjects they have disassociated themselves from.

Let me put it this way, if a member of parliament severs ties with his political party, then that member is obliged not only by law but morals to vacate his seat in the august House – simple as that.

Many a time, lots of football officials arrive in football structures on the ticket of their respective clubs but when they are no longer in good standing with their clubs – they should without further delay do the honourable thing and resign from their positions within football structures.

On the other hand, yours truly is actually surprised that Pirates’ principal sponsor FNB Namibia has not raised concern over their subject’s inability to exercise sound corporate governance, while operating under the banner of FNB Namibia.

One can’t have two different sets of rules. FNB Namibia cannot just pay lip service about the essence of good corporate governance but at the same time turn a blind eye when one of its offspring defies the company’s principal motto. The non-payment of salaries is not only an issue for the affected players – it is a general concern because these blokes have dependants and several commodities including rent as well as other basic necessities to take care of.

Ironically, the NPL hierarchy has not raised a finger over the above-mentioned burning issues – a crystal-clear demonstration that there is indeed a cartel within football administration.

Would yours truly then be castigated to conclude that there are people who want to make football an exclusive hub for a certain clique of blokes whose personal interests are above those of their subjects, whose very tickets they are peddling on? I’m just asking. I rest my case.


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