Men should treat women as equals



Governor of Omusati Region Erginus Endjala has challenged young men entrepreneurs to participate in the growth of the economy by mainstreaming themselves into the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector.

Endjala said men are lagging behind their female counterparts in the SME sector, opting to spend their time at cuca-shops.
Endjala made the remarks at a handover of machinery and certificates at Outapi over the weekend, when women outnumbered men who received certificates of attendance.

He said unemployment and the lack of skills do not discriminate.
“The Harambee Prosperity Plan needs all of us to be successful. Men where are we? The women have outnumbered us, but if you go to the cuca-shops we are there,” said Endjala.

He said women have taken the lead and organised themselves to fight the yoke of poverty through self-employment and the creation of employment for others.

The governor also appealed to men to refrain from treating women as inferiors but rather indulge in a culture of sharing skills to develop the country.

He said tendencies of treating women as inferiors are long outdated, calling upon the men to see women as equal partners in development.

In the same vein he appealed to men and women to deviate from the business-as-usual tendencies and to construct or manufacture products that are viable in the current market.


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