Deceased found with eight bullet holes



The pathologist who performed the autopsy on Firmino Fabrice Mael, who was shot dead at a local bar in Khomasdal, informed the court on Tuesday that he found eight entry wounds on the deceased during the autopsy.

Dr Simasiku Kabandje told the court he found one bullet wound at the right temple of the deceased, four on the left front chest of the deceased and one on the right shoulder.

He further found one entry wound on the neck of the deceased and another two in the right chest.
According to him any of the bullet wounds could have killed the deceased and he concluded Mael died as a result of being shot several times.

He further told Judge Nate Ndauendapo there were massive internal injuries which resulted in 1500ml of blood collecting in the chest area of the deceased, which could have resulted in Mael drowning in his own blood.

Police officer Justine Simataa allegedly fired nine shots into the body of Mael in retaliation for him being beaten up by the deceased and Mael’s friends.

Simataa faces four charges relating to the incident.
He is charged with murder with direct intent for the shooting of Mael.

He is further charged with attempted murder for shooting Millikan Likando at least three times or alternatively negligent discharge of a firearm,

He also faces charges of malicious damage to property because of the shots he fired into the car of the deceased as well as discharging a firearm in a public place.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges at the start of his trial in May and is free on bail of N$2000.
During the trial so far the court heard varying versions of what transpired on that fateful evening.

What is common cause is that Simataa and Mael were involved in a scuffle. But, this is where the common cause ends.
Some witnesses testified that after Simataa was beaten up by Mael and his friends, he fetched his service pistol from a security guard and coolly fired nine shots into the car Mael and his friend were in.

Others testified it was during the fight that Mael took the pistol from his trousers and fired the shots that killed Mael.
Simataa as well claims that he had the firearm on his person during the attack and while still under attack managed to pull it free and fired random shots to protect himself, his State funded lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji informed the court.

The stepmother of the deceased, Norah Helen Bennett testified Mael was with her car during the night in question.
According to her she went searching for Mael after being informed he was involved in an accident.

After being sent from pillar to post, Bennett said, she was finally taken to the mortuary the next day to identify the body of her son.
The case continues today. State Advocate Constance Mayo prosecutes.


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