Parents, children learn to bond



The Physically Active Youth (PAY) group on Saturday launched the ‘Adopt a Child for a Day’ programme, an initiative that hopes to address the challenges families face on daily basis.

Various facilitators on the day highlighted issues, such as positive parenting, responsible drinking, guided community mapping, basic first aid training, home remedies and the much-anticipated family day challenge at the launch at the Family Fun Day at Katutura Multi-Purpose Youth Centre.

Marie-Jeanne Muhoza Ndimbira, co-founder of PAY, said the day was organised to address the three pillars of education, the community, learners and teachers.

Members of the community were invited to adopt a child for the day in order for each child to participate with their biological family, or “adoptive family”.

During the family challenge, parents teamed up with their adopted children and competed in a series of activities and fun events. Participants received participation certificates.

Ndimbira said they have been providing substitute parental support to many children and young adolescents from communities in Katutura over the past 13 years.

“We’ve since accepted that some of our learners come from underprivileged home situations, often staying with older siblings, while others assume the responsibilities of parents and become heads of households.

“It has been well documented that such children grow up with a pervading sense of rejection, which does not bode well for their mental development. Not only do our learners grow up without stable family environments, but they also lack positive role models to steer them into and through adulthood,” said Ndimbira.


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