Manombe-Ncube visits disabled boy at Ongombo West


Farm Ongombo West

The Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice-President responsible for Disability Affairs, Alexia Manombe-Ncube, paid a surprise visit last Friday to Helenika Eises, the mother of a five-year-old disabled boy.

Her visit comes shortly after a New Era report showed that Eises languishes in abject poverty and has lost all hope that her five-year-old disabled boy, Franco Eiseb will ever get assistance from government.

Little Eiseb, who is wheelchair-bound, was diagnosed with a rare medical and physical disability. He is unable to walk, talk or eat properly. In the absence of the N$250 social grant, the mother is unable to travel regularly for medical check-ups to Windhoek.

Speaking to the surprised mother of seven at the farm, Manombe-Ncube assured the family that government is aware of her family’s situation and the predicament of others in similar circumstances and has been working on a plan in this regard.

“We’ve come here to provide our emotional and psychological support, as well as collect any information we may require for our office,” Manombe-Ncube informed Eises. She also commended New Era for carrying the story on the plight of Eises and her boy.

“The media has a very important role to play in informing both the public and government about what is happening to the citizens in our cities, town and villages, instead of always taking a critical approach to government,” she said. “It is the role of the media to provide government with the support through awareness campaigns,” she added.

She also gave Eises N$200 from her own pocket for her next doctor’s appointment.

Eises previously told New Era through a translator that since 2010 she has been sent from pillar to post by government officials and she has since lost hope she will ever get any assistance from government. However, on Friday she told this reporter that since her story was published she has received support from the public.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare also helped her with nappies, food, and other basic necessities.


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