Why panic? 9-million is just a 9 and a letter ‘M’ – JJD… promises to secure additional sponsor



While the nation, particular the local football fraternity, is entangled in a web of confusion and concern over the immediate future of footballers following MTC’s hint not to renew its sponsorship deal if certain conditions are not met – the chairman of the Namibia Premier League (NPL), Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb, insists there is no need for a hullabaloo as all will soon be put in place.

Speaking last Thursday on NBC’s sport talk show Soccer Pitch, Doeseb – who was given almost a month to secure an additional league sponsor who will finance the NPL with the remaining N$9 million of the about N$24 million new proposed budget, after MTC agreed to annually sponsor the league with only N$15 million, assured the nation that the league will have two sponsors come next season and will equally kick off on time as planned.

After the sponsorship agreement between MTC and NPL ended in May this year, the league approached MTC with a new proposal that was embodied in an approximate N$24 million budget to be implemented over three years, to which MTC agreed in principle to put N$15 million on the table per year over three years, but only if the NPL managed to secure an additional sponsor to cover the N$9 million deficit.

Asked on the show about the progress made so far in securing an additional sponsor as only about 20 days remain, Doeseb to the surprise of many partially laughed off the seriousness of the question and indicated that Namibians should not read too much into the 9-million figure as in his own words the 9-million is just a “9 with a letter M at the end of it” and people should not worry too much.

“We will definitely secure an additional sponsor and rightly within MTC’s set conditions. I mean, come on!… a 9-million is just a 9 with the letter M at the end of it. In Namibia there is no way we should struggle to secure the 9 million if people are really serious about sport the way they say they are.”

“Come July 30th, we will present MTC with an additional sponsor and the league will kick off on time as planned. There is no need to start pressing panic buttons as everything is under control. We all know that if we don’t manage to secure that additional N$9 million by July 30th, it will be very catastrophic for Namibian football, hence I’m saying all Namibians have to come to the table and play their part. But what I can assure the nation right now is that we will do whatever possible to make sure we get a sponsor, so people should not worry too much,” said Doeseb.

Also on the talk show was MTC’s Tim Ekandjo, who to the glum of many again reemphasized the seriousness of MTC not entertaining any proposals to commence the league season with MTC’s N$15 million while plans are made to restructure its budget within the N$15 million if all else fails; or whatsoever.

“As earlier stated, should the NPL fail to source an additional sponsor on or before the 30th July, MTC will automatically withdraw its intention to sponsor the league with N$15 million per annum on the said expiry date.”



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