Famaz Attak attack revellers with frantic energised beat



They are known as an attacking rock band and that is exactly what award-winning Windhoek-based four piece outfit, Famaz Attak did when they launched some of their new musical missiles in a jam-packed Dylan’s last Friday night.

Famaz Attak have been around since 2010, and have walked away with numerous awards, have always been delivering their hard rock with artistic elements, highlighting showmanship and visual style with an emphasis on volume, power, and speed. The band is all about energy, entertainment and crowd interaction on and off stage. Famaz Attak walk the talk. No BS!

Famaz Attak, pronounced “Famous Attack or Farmer’s Attack” (which ever satisfies your needs or gets you offended) is a blend of live energetic stance and crazy rock n roll antics that the band carry. The band are set out to promote good party vibes and inspire, mesmerize and uplift Namibian crowds at every live performance. Last Friday was no exception.

But before they delighted the huge crowd with their attacking rock style, which centres on the electric guitar, electric bass guitar and drums, and of course, lead man René Traut’s electrifying performance on stage, a new two-man acoustic partnership thrilled the crowd. With a name like “Cheap Booze and Dirty Thoughts,” Willie Grobler and Benjamin Ullich added an extreme diversity of rock to town, placing a high degree of emphasis on musicianship, interaction with the crowd, and an ideology of authenticity. They only had four practice sessions before appearing on stage for the first time and they were far from perfect. They made a statement and it went down well with the cheering fans. Their name says it all!

Their stripped-down, energetic form of music valuing raw expression and often lyrically characterised by social and political critiques, venturing into the subgenres of new wave, post-punk and alternative rock.But the night belonged to Famaz Attak. The band’s mesmerising style saw them playing shows and events all around Namibia; recorded their first full length album in Johannesburg entitled “Famazuiticles”; filmed the music video for “Drummerboy”; nominated for the 2011 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) , shared the stage with legends like Just Jinger, Arno Carstens, Prime Circle, Goldfish and played Oppikoppi 2011 in South Africa. Surely they have come a long way and are here to stay!


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