Benjamin tongue-lashes monopolistic business persons



The tendency of some Tsumeb business people to chase away investors by discouraging them from doing business in the mining town, as a means to secure their market, has irked the Tsumeb CEO, Alfeus Benjamin, who has sent out a stern warning that the municipality will not tolerate the practice.

Benjamin says such businesses should stop using the municipality’s name in a negative way because the municipality has provided a conducive business environment for everyone, including themselves (current businesses), which “has seen their businesses succeed”.
Benjamin added that the Tsumeb Town Council is determined to break monopolistic practices that have only benefitted a few businesses that are out to maintain the status quo.

“We as council decided about 10 years ago that we will break this monopoly where those atop are trying to block ways for investors and upcoming entrepreneurs to conduct business in Tsumeb, claiming that this is their Tsumeb and none should be welcomed. Tsumeb is for everyone and is open for anyone – who are you to say it’s yours? There will be no protectionism here – we want this economy to grow,” stressed Benjamin.

“We know such kind of people who like to oppose any type of development if they realise their interests are not safe – we will expose them very soon, we know them.” Benjamin further took a swipe at business people for spreading falsehoods about municipal services, yet they are the ones unable to pay for basic municipal services.

“They make money everyday and yet they fail to pay for municipal services. They are the ones blocking the way for others who might be paying for municipal services – money that will be used to enhance development in the town and easily provide municipal services.”

“We have decided to take legal action against entities and if not we will disconnect the water metre and see what happens next and how they will conduct business. If they are not paying bills, this town will not go anywhere. So instead, they should pay up before complaining for better services while they lag behind,” cautioned the CEO.

“When the town grows it means more money – thus all of you become successful. We are determined to break monopolies and we will not rest – this culture of entitlement should stop.”

“Tsumeb operates in a global village and thus it’s open to all investors and shall welcome any business that follows the right procedures – the mafia story will not work here,” he added.


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