Guard arrested for fatally shooting UNAM suspect


Katima Mulilo

Police in the Zambezi Region have opened a murder case against a 52-year-old security guard who allegedly shot and killed a 21-year-old man in the early hours of yesterday at the Namibia University of Science Technology (NUST) Centre in Katima Mulilo. The national broadcaster NBC reported the deceased was a UNAM student busy with criminal activities on the NUST campus.

Although information remains sketchy, it’s believed the deceased and his male companion reportedly attempted to break into a car parked at NUST Centre at around 02h00 yesterday.

Upon realising what was happening the security guard from Royal Security Services – whose name was given to a New Era correspondent – fired a shot towards the alleged thieves. However the deceased and his companion retaliated by throwing stones at the security guard.

It was at this point the guard fatally shot one of them. It was also when the male companion whose identity has not been revealed fled the scene. Upon realising he had killed someone the security guard went and handed himself over to the police.

Approached for comment Chief Inspector Albius Lyomba revealed that a single-barrel shotgun was used and that one spent round of ammunition was found on the scene.

The deceased has been identified as Denis Mubita from Old Isize in the Zambezi Region. His next of kin have been informed.


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