Gumtree Tag Solutions storms the market with laser tags

A new era… Owners of Gumtree Tag Solutions cc, Piet and Nicolene Coetzee display a chart showing different types and sizes of ear tags which can be printed in eight different colours with a state-of-the-art new laser printing and tag machine.


A new kid on the block has arrived in Windhoek catering for the ear tag industry.
Gumtree Tag Solutions, a closed corporation of Piet and Nicolene Coetzee opened its doors to Namibian farmers and other businesses with a bang last week by introducing laser and pin machines that can produce eight different plastic tag sizes in eight different colours as well as metal tag which can be engraved.

Piet Coetzee says the new business also acquired the internationally certified Allflex tags agency and farmers and businesses can now order their tags directly from Gumtree Tag Solutions. The business can also place orders for any logo to be printed on the tags. This can be done in eight different colours and eight different sizes with a same day delivery guarantee.

Coetzee says traditionally farmers have to wait for about four weeks for tags to be printed in South Africa and many times when these tags arrive in Windhoek, they are printed wrongly. The long wait and the frustrations that go with long distance communication are now something of the past. “We also have metal tags on which any type of engraving can be done on a variety of metal choices. Since the sophisticated machines are installed in Windhoek, we can produce within a day. No more waiting for the ear tags of your choice,” he comments.

Coetzee says game and livestock producers can now negotiate for their tag choices, sizes and colours and Ear Tag Solutions cc can supply the quickest service ever. Livestock Producers Farmers Forum spoke to welcomed the new swift service and stressed the importance of ear tags to properly identify animals.

Gumtree Tag Solutions cc is also the sole agent for the imported laser machines and interested parties elsewhere in Namibia can order these machines by phoning Nicolene on 081 2184 858.


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