Nam-mic offers free training for domestic workers



Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings (NFSH), a broad-based black economic empowerment company, in which unions affiliated to the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) own more than two thirds of its shares, says it is committed to the training and up-skilling of members affiliated to its member unions.

In line with this commitment, NFSH, through its Social Investment Fund, launched in March 2016, entered into an agreement with Women at Work to provide training to members of the Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers’ Union (NDAWU).

The training is aimed at improving the skills of domestic workers and is offered to the members free of charge. People that previously attended the training offered by Women at Work, received a refresher course in job ethics, hygiene, cleaning materials used in their everyday job, effective cleaning methods, washing, ironing and budgeting.

“It is the vision of NFSH to economically empower Namibians by creating opportunities for our main stakeholders, the unions, and their members. We believe that by doing this, we contribute to the economic development of Namibia in general.

“As the Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers’ Union is a fairly new union, we decided to first focus on them and to provide not only training to their members, but also the management of the union,” said Walter Don, chief executive officer of NFSH.

“Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings made the decision to re-invest in the community it operates in and through its Social Investment Fund emphasises the training and re-training of workers affiliated to the NUNW to improve their chances of finding a job in the ever changing job market. We want to teach them additional skills,” Don said.

Domestic workers who are members of the Domestic and Allied Workers’ Union and who are interested in attending the next training session have been requested to contact the union to enroll. The next training session is scheduled for September 5 to 9.


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