iBank simplifies tax payments



As this is the final week for Namibians to pay their taxes, some may find it challenging to make payments to the Receiver of Revenue (RoR). “With the Bank Windhoek iBank service, our clients will find it pleasing to know that they can make payments directly to the RoR with the unique ‘Tax Payment’ functionality located under the ‘Make Payment’ menu,” says Harrycio Landsberg, manager of business development – electronic channels at Bank Windhoek.

iBank clients can pay their taxes, be it annual or monthly, including Value Added Tax (VAT) account payments or PAYE. All transactions are recorded, ensuring that you keep track of all payments made. “This service gives clients the ability to print or download payment confirmations and provides the benefit of e-mailing a proof of payment to the beneficiary from the iBank platform for free. Clients can also access their statements on all their linked accounts whenever they wish to,” Landsberg said.

Bank Windhoek’s iBank further offers clients the security and opportunity to conduct their banking in the privacy of their own home, office or wherever they have access to the internet. “The E-Secure token adds an additional layer of security when accessing your iBank profile, ensuring that you can only login after the token provides you with a unique One Time PIN (OTP). The iBank notification service, when activated, will notify clients via SMS or e-mail whenever there is activity on the iBank profile”.

Landsberg said: “iBank is just one of our electronic channels products that bring ease and convenience to your day-to-day banking. CellPhone banking and the Bank Windhoek smartphone app also offers users the ability to view account balances at a glance, move funds between linked accounts, buy pre-paid electricity and MTC airtime, just to name a few.”


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