My views on Cosafa


This is the first time the COSAFA Castle Cup is held in Namibia and fortunately we are the current Cup holders, after our popular victory in South Africa in May last year.

Playing host will immediately raise our global profile, as the benefits of hosting a football event such as the Cosafa are not only economical, but also linked to a nation’s ‘branding’ in the international community.

This event will surely attract many sisters and brothers from the participating countries, which will have some positive economic benefits for our tourism industry, although not huge.

I hope this football event will leave us with some improved stadia where matches will be played and also where teams will train.
Another key – but less measurable – benefit will be the feelgood factor, as football events such as these tend to boost patriotism and national unity for the host country.

As a host country the aim is to host a successful football event sealed with a good performance by your team. And for the team to perform well they need support from the 12th player, which are the fans at the stadium to create confidence and motivation for our players to achieve success.

So I urge Namibians to come in big numbers and rally behind the team.

Namibia’s road to the final is very short this time, as we only have to play and win three matches to keep our Cup. Our selected squad looks good and it can deliver as it did against Niger. Cosafa Castle Cup is Namibia’s Cup, it must stay in Namibia and it will stay!

Go Brave Warriors go!

Indileni Iipinge
Sport Commentator

Ed – Unfortunately Namibia lost in the quarterfinals against Botswana, 4-5 on penalties. The Cup is now likely to go to either Botswana or South Africa who will play in the final on Saturday.


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