Music, cuisine exotic evenings launch at Wilderness Lodge




The first of a range of entertaining evenings that combine live classical music with a five course dinner takes place tomorrow at the Immanuel Lodge just 18 km North of Windhoek curtaining with a “Vienna Evening”.

The series is called Classic Menus and the first happening is titled The “Vienna Evening”  in celebration of a city that for a long period was regarded the centre of the Western world – and introduces the music of the time combined with the delicacies that represent Austria and its culinary traditions.  The model series concocted by the manager and chef of the Immanuel Lodge, Stefan Hock, represents a move away from the traditional ‘musical dinner’. It is about an experience, instead, that embraces the patron as a participant rather than a spectator and appreciator of good food only. The audience, the musicians, the chef and his wife – the serving staff – as well as the narrator all form part of a journey into the time and into the place that reflect the evening’s theme.  Thus – let yourself in into an era where kings and imperials ruled Europe, when music was innovative and revolutionary and enjoyment thereof restricted to those with the required status. Get acquainted with the music and lifestyle of the city of cities, the capital of the late Habsburg Empire and the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy, Vienna.  Take a personal, enjoyable snapshot of the time, the surroundings and its people.

The music includes, of course, Sonatas by Mozart and Schubert, Serenades by Mauro Giuliani, Marches, Polkas and Waltzes by Johann Strauss Snr and Jnr as well. But expect also some rendition of contemporary music pieces that, one could argue, are out of context but serve as a means of surprise. The artists are classical guitarist Ulrich Busch, who also doubles as the musical director, Hans Peter Drobisch on flute and – surprise again – stand-up comedian and theatre actor Joh White as the narrator.  The food the menu, naturally, cannot or should not be ‘given away’ ahead of time. The discovery of its minor and major delicacies form part of the evening’s magic. So much may be said – it will be a five course meal presented by the Immanuel Lodge chef and host in person, with a range of exquisite wines, selected to suit the various courses perfectly, included in the package.

The setting at the Immanuel Wilderness Lodge is intimate, with a mere eight tables in the restaurant and space for some thirty-two patrons. In the event of cold weather a cosy fire place will be ignited and will offer additional comfort. Tickets for this exceptional event are N$ 750 a person and bookings can be made at 061-260901. The event is scheduled 18h30 for 19h00 and a welcome drink will be served before the first note is struck.




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