Michael Jackson’s photos’ exhibit starts and ends



What do the late pop star Michael Jackson and the late George Weston have in common besides their lateness?

One cannot help but ask. Artist Hangula Werner Photography comes the answer. Mastermind of the just launched Michael Jackson at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) Gallery. None other than the wish of George Weston, the exhibition is showcasing Mike’s May 1998 visit to Namibia in original photographs, poster and classic canvas prints with various recognisable Namibian faces with music by the all times pop diva at the gallery at the same time.

According to Werner the exhibition was late Weston’s wish to pay tribute to the late King of Pop. He has been keeping the collection for many years and seeing faces he knows and that he doesn’t and didn’t want to keep pictures of for the rest of his life. “Eighteen years later, the guy has died, he is a legend, showcasing his picture is the way of paying tribute to what he has done and give those who got an opportunity to be pictured with him get their collection. Own your picture of you with Michael Jackson because it will never happen again,” says Werner.

Because he has so many pictures, after the exhibition he will open a Facebook view page where people will be able to view and discover their pictures with Michael Jackson and get them from him if they want them. “At the Facebook page the nation can only view the photo but they will not be able to print them from there,” says Werner.

The Pop icon Michael Jackson joined African leaders in Namibia in 1998 in a call for debt relief urging a new era for the world’s poorest region, especially the children. The exhibition at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) ends today.



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