Business sector to help rebuild open market

Helping out… Dundee Precious Metals managing director Zebra Kasete (left) hands over a cheque to Tsumeb Constituency Councillor Lebbius Tobias.


Members of the business sector in Tsumeb through the local constituency council have indicated their willingness and commitment – as part of their social responsibility – to revive the Omatara Open Market that burned down in February.

The entrepreneurs who traded at the market previously have been sitting idle for the past months since the open market was gutted by fire, which consumed most of their products, equipment and materials, leaving many with no means or venue to conduct business.

The fire at the market was catastrophic and indirectly caused the death of one trader, who died of a stroke after losing all his business essentials in the blaze.

In response Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb recently pledged an amount of N$100 000 toward the renovation of the open market. Build-it Tsumeb aided with 40 bags of cement and Ohorongo Cement also contributed 40 bags in April.

“The disaster made an immediate and substantial impact on our community and we hope this contribution will make a difference to restore the market once again. See Dundee as a helping partner that takes its commitment to ensure development in Tsumeb seriously and be assured that we will continue to support the community where possible,” said Dundee’s managing director Zebra Kasete.

Fortifying this support was Tsumeb Build-It owner Awie Coetzee, who said they are willing to provide support with materials towards the market, the donated cement was their starting point.

Tsumeb Constituency Councillor Lebbius Tobias implored fellow business people to follow suit. “We have a lot of businesses in Tsumeb, but not many of them are willing to assist. They must come on board and assist the community where necessary. As a community the loss affects us all equally, therefore, we must assist each other,” he stressed.

The blaze destroyed around 93 stalls out of 103 at the open market. The cause of the fire is still not known.


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