!Nami#nus CDC learn to prioritise



!Nami#nus Constituency Development Committee (CDC) recently had their first training session on how to properly structure their local and constituency development committees.

The training was conducted at the Lüderitz Teachers’ Resource Centre from June 13 to 16 and was facilitated by Fanie Oosthuizen from the Institute for Management and Leadership (IMLT). The training was hosted by !Nami#nus Constituency, with the CDC being taught the basic principles of engaging communities, on how to have a discussion with stakeholders and how to provide continuous feedback to keep constituents informed about activities and progress in their respective areas.

Through the training, CDC members received training on the basic understanding of what these functions mean and which are priorities at what stage and which issues need prompt action without further delay. The CDC was further trained on how to effectively manage their day-to-day operations.

At the official opening of the training session,!Nami#nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz said he hopes the outcome of the training will be successful in bettering the understanding of the CDC regarding its tasks and mandate. “When you look at the objectives and the functions of the CDC, it’s about planning. If you fail to plan your plan will fail, and it is about action,” Scholtz emphasised.

He stated that //Karas Regional Council has for many years attempted to facilitate the establishment of a development committee in the region, but with only the policy document as a guideline their efforts were not successful. He said there are very limited resources available at all levels of government to assist regional councils in facilitating the process.

In organising the training, //Karas Council sought to identify an institution with the necessary experience and understanding of local development dynamics to assist council in building the necessary capacity on the ground for these committees to be properly established and to become functional and effective.


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