Monika’s reflection: Mind your language!


What comes out of the mouth is more powerful than the harm caused by physical violence.

Today I want to focus on how we should mind what we say to others, and more importantly, how we say it. We should all be aware of the fact that what we say to other people can have a strong effect on them.

A negative voice will always echo in the mind of the person who was demeaned, because it takes time to heal. When you degrade someone, instead of encouraging them to be better, you are creating a heart of fear in them, and fear of self-expression and thus present an obstacle in their progress.

As individuals we all have soft spots, which may be totally different from that of others. Just because you do not get angry, if someone is rude to you does not mean the next person will not be affected by it if the same happens to them.

We need to be considerate in what we say to others. You do not just find someone there and conclude that he/she is ugly and say it to his or her face. The next day – if this very person is sensitive about their looks – they will be too scared to show their face as they will always have your voice echoing in their mind, always ready to put them down.

Let us build each other up and avoid everything that may send some people back to their comfort zones. Love one another and let us keep away from making other people feel bad about being themselves, or make them doubt themselves.

Remember what you say out loud cannot be undone, because if a person hears the negativity you say about them there is no way you can take back what you said, as the damage is already done.

Let us learn how to uphold the trait of helping others feeling good about themselves, by seeing the best in them. Focus on the positive traits of others in comparison to their negative sides, as positivity is the only way people can go forward.

People who build each other up have more chances of withstanding any challenge that they may be faced with in life. We should work hard in support of each other and should avoid saying things that hurt others’ feelings.

Mind your language, mind what you say to others and avoid saying things in frustration, because you may say things that you will later regret. If you do not have anything positive to say, then please rather do not say anything. All in all, just mind your language.


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