Divundu to have first CEO in July



The newly proclaimed Divundu Village Council in the Mukwe Constituency of Kavango East will soon appoint its first and founding chief executive officer (CEO), who is expected to assume duty in July.

Kavango East Regional Council’s chief regional officer (CRO) Ludwig Thikusho said ten candidates were interviewed for the coveted position of CEO, with the interviews held on May 26 at Divundu.

“We conducted the interview and the candidate has been selected and we have forwarded it (the recommendation) to our line minister (Minister of Urban and Rural Development) and now we are waiting for a response from our minister. If all goes well as planned, we will have the CEO in the office on July 1,” Thikusho said.

He further said once the CEO is in office he or she will also be responsible for recruiting the Divundu Village Council’s administrative officials following official procedures.

“At the moment I cannot reveal the name of the successful candidate, whom we have recommended for the chief executive officer position, as it still needs to be approved by our minister. The recommendation we made is not final until it has been approved by our minister on whom the approval depends,” Thikusho told New Era.

Divundu Village Council, following the recent local authority elections, now has Joseph Dinyando (Swapo) as its chairperson, Josefine Maghambayi (Swapo) as vice-chairperson and Fulgensia Mukerenge (Swapo), with Christopher Kupembona (Swapo) and Frans Mwamo (APP) as ordinary members of the council.

At a cost of N$14 million Divundu Village Council’s offices are currently under construction, as well as a N$10 million water and sewage reticulation system.

Divundu is located 200 km east of Rundu along the Trans-Zambezi/Caprivi Highway on the southeastern banks of the Kavango River. Divundu is a settlement of some 5 430 residents, according to the most recent census results.


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