Former Khorixas CEO paid N$650 000 for unfair dismissal



The former chief executive officer (CEO) of Khorixas Town Council, Nicodemus #Gaeseb, was earlier this month awarded N$650 000 by the Labour Court after he was unfairly dismissed on May 31 by the councilors elected last year.

Khorixas Mayor Gerson //Goagoseb told New Era yesterday that #Gaeseb was paid N$650 000 after a Labour Court ruling. #Gaeseb took Khorixas Town Council to the court for unfair dismissal, unfair labour practices and unfair unilateral change of the terms of contract and demanded more than N$5 million in compensation.

“Appealing that decision and going to the courts would have been a lengthy process and legal representatives will have been paid. Therefore, we agreed to pay that amount,” //Goagoseb said.

#Gaeseb’s contract was renewed last year by the council a few weeks before local and regional elections were held, but //Goagoseb said that process was not sound as there was no quorum in the council and Erwin //Howoseb, who chaired the meeting did so while he was not so suppose to.

Then mayor Tryphosa Moloto and her deputy, Andreas !Aebeb, were also not present at the meeting.

“Previous councillors signed it on their terms when they renewed his contract and there was no quorum. The new councillors could not also see what he did for Khorixas in terms of development,” //Goagoseb said. The mayor added that there was no political motive in removing #Gaeseb.

#Gaeseb, who become the CEO of Khorixas in 2006, is a senior member of UDF (United Democratic Front) at Khorixas and some residents attributed his axing to politics. In documents seen by New Era, //Howoseb signed twice on the document that renewed the chief executive officer’s term.

//Goagoseb declined to reveal how much Khorixas’s incumbent CEO is paid, saying it is a ‘sensitive’ issue and personal. “What do you want? Did not you write the story already, why only now? Please leave me alone,” #Gaeseb told this reporter.

Eben Xoagub is currently the acting CEO and the councilors are expected to decide after three months whether to advertise the post or extend Xoagub’s tenure in the post.

On the alleged infighting between UDF and Swapo members employed at Khorixas Town Council, //Goagoseb said that he was not aware of it and called upon those who are victimised to report such incidents.

“We signed a social contract with the community to provide them with better services. We will not allow any political fights, as it has destroyed some towns. What we want is development,” //Goagoseb added.

The new councilors – four from Swapo and three from UDF – have meanwhile resolved to reduce the water reconnection fee from N$1 250 to N$300, saying it is difficult for impoverished residents to reconnect their water supply due to the high unemployment rate in the area.


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