From tents to proper classrooms

A step forward… The education director in Zambezi Region Austin Samupwa shakes hands with the principal of Mpaca Junior primary School Aldrin Mulele.

Katima Mulilo

A new school established in 2014, Mpaca Junior Primary School, situated some 15 kilometres from Katima Mulilo officially inaugurated its new buildings a week ago.

Since its establishment learners attended class in tents. However, construction soon followed and now learners are able to attend class in the comfort of the new facilities. The new building includes four classrooms, two storerooms, an admin block and an ablution block with flushing toilets.

In a speech read by the regional director of education in Zambezi Region, Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu pointed out how the place was just a bush a few years back, but has now turned into a pleasant-looking learning centre for the entire surrounding community.

“It’s a structure which addresses the physical requirements of both learners and teachers to ensure that quality education takes place,” Sampofu noted.

The governor also said Mpaca was “a lucky school” to have received such modern facilities, as the region is home to many older schools, while other schools are still operating under tents or thatched traditional structures.

“Now that government has done its part, what remains is your part. We know for sure that the quality of buildings influences the quality of learning, even the aesthetic aspect, meaning a nice school like Mpaca can have a positive influence on the learners’ performance,” he said.

The school facilities were constructed at a cost of about N$3 million. The school accommodates learners from Grade 0 to 4 has currently 65 learners and five teachers.




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