Rundu Council hands over NaTIS operations to RA

Briefing session… From left: chief executive officer of the Roads Authority Conrad Lutombi, chief regional officer of Kavango East Ludwig Thikusho, chairperson of Kavango East Regional Council John Thighuru, personal assistant to the governor of Kavango East Immanuel Gorasab and Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo at a meeting earlier this week.


The Roads Authority (RA) has lately taken over the operations of NaTIS Rundu, which has over the years been run as part of the operations of Rundu Town Council.

RA chief executive officer, Conrad Lutombi recently briefed Kavango East Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo and the regional leadership on the company’ activities in the region, related to road infrastructure in particular and also to hear from the governor and the regional leaders about the related challenges they face in Kavango East Region.

Lutombi said previously RA had a memorandum of agreement with Rundu Town Council (RTC) to manage NaTIS on RA’s behalf. The NATIS employees here worked for RTC and the RA was only providing support.

In terms of enhancing service delivery the Roads Authority has taken over all operations at the centre and as from now all Rundu NaTIS staff that used to work for the town council will be on the payroll of the Roads Authority, with all the associated benefits.

“We will now see whether we can even increase the staff, so that we can really serve the people of this area,” Lutombi said. He further told Mbambo that the RA received a request to set up a NaTIS branch at Divundu. He said they would consider thr reques, although currently the priority is to expand its NaTIS office in Rundu.

“The one for Divundu is in our plan. We will assess it in terms of the number of vehicles in that area, the needs there and if we see that there is a need, probably we will have a satellite office, which will operate from Rundu. Some days they [can] go to Divundu and offer the services there,” he said.

He futher said Divundu is in fact being considered as a site, so that people do not have to travel from Divundu and surrounding areas to Rundu to get the services they need from NaTIS. The NaTIS office in Rundu caters for people in both Kavango East and West.




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