Discriminatory rules stifle cricket in Namibia




The jack is out! The lid has been finally lifted off the boiling pot of the much despised composition of Cricket Namibia’s (CN) lily-white board.

New Era Sport has established shocking revelations punctuated by deliberate or rather discriminatory discrepancies in CN’s fragile constitution regarding the voting system.

The constitution makes provision for such but the dominant view, and rightfully so, is: this is deliberate preferential treatment towards the previously and still advantaged elites to be accorded the luxury of far more votes than that of their previously and still marginalized colleagues within the family of cricket.

Revelations revealed that white- owned Windhoek-based clubs have more votes than their counterparts outside the confines of the capital city.

“All white clubs have turf pitches that have been there way before Namibia’s democracy in 1990.

“Yet cricket authorities have done very little, if any, to improve this precarious situation in other towns while preaching to be anxious to develop the game nationwide, notably at non-white owned clubs,” charged a cricket official who strictly requested his identity be withheld for fear of reprisal.

It has since emerged that Walvis Bay outfit Sparta, a predominantly Portuguese-speaking community sports entity, has been financially assisted by CN to erect a turf pitch.

As per below crafted voting rule, clubs get two votes if they own a turf pitch while clubs outside Windhoek unable to field three teams in the league get lesser votes, while clubs fielding more than two clubs get an extra vote.

Members shall have two votes for each Premier League team with a turf pitch and one vote for each team entered in the official Cricket Namibia second or third tier leagues.

Approached to shed light on these potentially damaging revelations, Cricket Namibia’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Donovan Zealand admitted that there are indeed dozens of loopholes in the constitution that could have far-reaching repercussions if not arrested.

“It’s not only that, we are fully aware of these complaints, of course these are legitimate concerns, which currently enjoy our attention. There are a number of rules and regulations that seriously need to be patched and amended to tie in with the concept of national unity.”

The veteran sports administrator confessed that the current CN constitution is full of holes and certainly not in harmony, and must be reviewed to avoid any further conflicts within a sports organization of such magnitude.



Cricket Namibia CEO Donovan Zealand 
Cricket Namibia CEO Donovan Zealand





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