Your MP: Anna Ndahambelela Shiweda (Swapo Party)


Anna Ndahambelela Shiweda was born on June 11, 1958.

Legislative Profile

She was sworn in as a Member of the National Assembly in March 2015 and her term of office as a Member of Parliament is from 2015 to 2020. In March 2015 Shiweda was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.


She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Agricultural Production, (1984-1988) and Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering, (1980-1983), as well as a management certificate from the University of Stellenbosch (2002) and a West Africa School Certificate (WASC) from the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1975-1979).


She was member and vice chairperson of the Swapo Party Think Tank; Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (2004-2014); Managing director of Mediva Fisheries Pty, Ltd (2004); General manager for Agricultural Development at Namibia Development Corporation (1994-2004); Deputy Director of Agricultural Training in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (1990-1994); Research Officer in the SWAPO Party Department of Economic Affairs (1989).

Legislative Interests

Oversight on the set targets and policy implementation; effective and quality policy debates; assess and establish the effects of policies on poverty alleviation.


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