Metropolitan helps young unemployed mother





After reading the news article of a destitute 33-year-old unemployed woman Eveline Shihako Mutero, who gave birth to triplets in the Rundu hospital, seeking assistance Metropolitan, Methealth, Momentum (MMI) Rundu branch donated clothes and blankets to assist an unemployed mother to keep her triplets warm.

The triplets were born on May 19. MMI Holdings Namibia Rundu branch last Thursday surprised the mother of the triplets with boxes packed with new clothing that the new infants will need and other things that their mother could use to care for them, and keep them warm and clean.

The donated items were worth N$5 000 and this was done on behalf of the Pinnacle Metropolitan Empowerment Trust, which also falls under MMI, and the donation was given as part of their corporate social investment.

During an interview with New Era the mother of the triplets Eveline narrated that with the triplets life will be difficult “as it is even winter now” and she has no blankets or clothing to keep her three babies warm.

The unemployed Eveline realised she needed help to care for her infants and she could just not do it on her own, as she now has seven children to care for and thus asked for help through New Era.

The triplets are two girls and one boy.

Mutero is a single mother from the village of Korokoko in Ndiyona Constituency, Kavango East Region.

According to the hospital the triplets and their mother were taken home by a social worker but have returned to hospital as the mother fell sick and had to be hospitalised.

“We have made an arrangement for the babies to be kept in the paediatric ward with two caretakers as their mother is in the female ward,” said a social worker, Mlambo Hazvinei, at Rundu hospital.

The hospital is open to receive any donations for her through the office of the social workers and they have also opened an account at Nampost under her name – Eveline Shihako Mutero, account number 34332460-0.

People wishing to assist her anonymously can deposit money in her account or they can visit her. The triplets have also received some donations in the form of baby clothes from a few people who preferred to remain anonymous.




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