Whk informal settlements will soon have electricity

When the lights come on… An aerial view of Havana informal settlement, one of Windhoek’s informal settlements that will soon be electrified.


The City of Windhoek plans to spend over N$70 million on the electrification of informal settlements. Windhoek’s informal settlement of Otjomuise 6 and 7, Okahandja Park, Ongulumbashe and Babylon are some of the settlements due to be electrified.

City spokesperson Joshua Amukugo said Otjomuise 6 and 7 (known as 8ste Laan) are to be supplied from a new substation being developed at the corner of Dusseldorf and Moses Garoëb streets in Otjomuise.

Amukugo said Okuryungava’s extensions (Okahandja Park, Ongulumbashe, Babylon and Kilimanjaro) would be supplied from the new Babylon distribution substation along Omuvapu Street.

“The entire Havana extensions are to be supplied by a new substation that has been developed near Havana Primary [School],” Amukugo stated.

“At last there is light at the end of the tunnel and the continuous power outages in the areas bordering our informal settlements will soon be history, as major strides have been made within the first half of the year to establish major electricity distribution supply points in areas that still await electricity,” Amukugo said.

He further said it is important to note that the projects are not complete yet and are still ongoing. He said Project 2 and 3 are expected to be completed by the end of July 2016, whereas Project 1 will hopefully be done by end of the year.

Amukugo explained that the first and the second phase – which will soon commence – involve the electrification of the area by installing electrical equipment and cables along all residential streets. The third and final phase, which is yet to come, involves connection of electrical supply to individual housing units.

Amukugo further requested residents to exercise maximum patience, as the electrification will be preceded by surveying of the areas, procurement of goods and services and finally the three stages of implementation, as outlined above.

“Further and most important, residents are encouraged to save money for the final electricity connection payable by each erf owner/account holder. The exact figures will be finalised and communicated to the residents then.”




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