Councillors have high expectations of Oshikoto SORA



Water, roads, network, clinics and poverty concerns are some of the areas that councillors in Oshikoto Region say ought to be addressed by Governor Henock Kankoshi at the state of the region address expected today.

Levi Reinholdt of Nehale Lya Mpingana said his region is in dire need of potable water. He said currently his constituency, which has about 121 villages in it, has to make do with brackish and salty borehole water.

He said a suggestion has been put forth for a water pipeline to be installed from Omutse gwombahe and Andoni villages, which would benefit about 15 villages in the area.

Regarding the state of the roads, it was noted that the constituency does not have a single gravel road. However, the councillor is optimistic about the construction of at least three gravel roads to connect eight schools and the only two clinics in the constituency.

He said the roads would ease access to health facilities, saying the situation has prompted some desperate people to use wood-constructed beds pulled by oxen to transport the sick.

Councillor Hans Nambondi of Okankolo Constituency echoed similar concerns over water for his people. A vast area of the Oshikoto Region, especially in areas such as Okankolo, Eengodi and Nehale lya Mpingana are experiencing a serious water crisis, the Okankolo councilor said.

Nambondi said 95 percent of his constituency does not have access to potable water, while the boreholes have run dry. “Every third call I receive is about someone who slept hungry, because there is no water,” related Nambondi.

The councillor further added that people spend nights waiting to fill up their water containers from earth dams, which are also expected to dry up soon.

Almost similar to the situation at Nehale lya Mpingana, Okankolo has a tarred road that stretches from Onayena to Okankolo and only one gravel road, the Onyati–Onkumbula road.

Nambondi said the constituency also expects to have network communication towers put up, because there is hardly any network in the area.

Guinas Constituency Councillor Detty Kaula said the constituency is also experiencing water challenges, because in places the water supply has been cut off.

According to Kaula the community is hopeful of mechanisms to address water problems and how the constituency can pay off the escalating debt owed to the concerned ministry.

Community members New Era spoke to say they want improved roads, as many gravel roads are in very poor condition.

In addition, local residents also expect the region to have a plan of action on how to address the current water crisis and rampant, poverty – a major concern in the community.


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