Hano to upskill its leaders



The Hano Youth Foundation is hosting a three-day leadership seminar at the Youth Hostel in Swakopmund starting today.

Hano national chairperson Nokii Kaapehi says the seminar is intended mainly for its executive management committee, branch management teams and to introduce Hano members to their roles and responsibilities.

“We recently opened new branches and these crews need to be introduced to their roles and responsibilities. With Hano it’s always a matter of fact that our leaders come straight from the community and most of them have not been serving in any leadership positions before,” Kaapehi explained.

He said the seminar would introduce Hano’s strategic plan, in the context of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP). “Every branch will report back on the narrative and financial position of their branch. This will be the moment of sharing best practices learnt by various branches,” adds Kaapehi.

The seminar will not only be for Hano members, as Caso Community Group and Kasoyetua Youth Group will also be part of the meeting. Leaders from other organisations in Swakopmund are also welcome to join.

Officials from the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture will facilitate the seminar. It ends on Friday.


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