FNB Namibia hits 1 million eWallets

Reason to celebrate... From left: Brian Kandanga (Area Sales and Service Manager, winner Simeon Sprian and Tienie Mouton, Area Manager FNB Namibia, Erongo Region.


FNB Namibia recently reached a major milestone with its eWallet offering when they reached 1 million eWallets. “We are super excited about this achievement as eWallet has been one of our biggest success stories regarding financial inclusion ever since its launch in 2012. eWallet has steadfastly assisted all unbanked citizens with access to banking facilities without a bank account or bank card,” said Desery van Wyk, FNB’s Manager of Cellphone Banking.

FNB Namibia launched a competition for the 1 millionth eWallet and was excited that many more Namibians have been exposed to the product – and have come to realise that an FNB eWallet is safe and convenient and assists many people with no formal banking to send and receive money. “Our winner of the competition, who sent the 1 millionth eWallet is Simeon Sprian from the Erongo Region. He won 1 million cents or N$10 000,” said Van Wyk.

“I am extremely happy with my prize which I will use to help my family and also save a bit for future use. I use eWallet a lot as I am not always in town to send money and I think it is a fantastic product,” said Sprian.

Namibia continues to contribute 49 percent towards the FNB International’s growth in eWallets (number of eWallets opened). There are more than twice as many eWallets created as the number of cellphone banking users. E-wallet has a base of more than 1 million electronic wallets and 73 percent are active wallets. FNB also introduced the Bulk send towards the end of last year which offers business customers the convenience of sending bulk eWallets via online banking for business.





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