Office of the Vice President: Veterans Affairs


Question: New big houses are being built for some war veterans, at Otjiwarongo one poor guy was given an old municipal house which is falling apart and it can collapse at any time. Please Vice President Nickey Iyambo, come and see for yourself.

Response: Veterans Affairs is not aware of a veteran of the national liberation struggle who received a dilapidated house from the Otjiwarongo Municipality facilitated through Veterans Affairs. The author refers to a “poor guy”, whom we are not sure is a veteran of the national liberation struggle, or an ordinary citizen, who because of one or more reasons was given so-called old house by the Otjiwarongo Municipality.

If the latter is anything to go by, then it is the prerogative of Otjiwarongo Municipality to hand out houses to residents of that town and not Veterans Affairs.

As far as Veterans Affairs is aware, only two veterans in Otjiwarongo Constituency have benefited from the Veterans Affairs housing programme. One of the two veterans, who was relocated from Tsumkwe earlier this year, is already occupying the three-bedroomed house constructed by Veterans Affairs.

The second house was initially only earmarked for renovation, but was entirely demolished after the contractor found that the foundation was not up to standard and it is currently under re-construction and will be handed over to the identified veteran upon completion.

Veterans Affairs totally rejects the misrepresentation of facts, as alleged by the author of the above SMS. For clarity he/she is encouraged to contact the Veterans Affairs Otjozondjupa Regional Office at (067) 304405 or the senior liaison officer, Rosalia Kwedhi at 081-1650323.

* Edson Haufiku, senior public relations officer, Office of the Vice President: Veterans Affairs. Email: Tel: (061) 296 3028


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