Muchali cannot go unchallenged


Muchali Mulife’s article in New Era’s edition of last Friday, May 27, bears reference. Being a graduate from UNAM (University of Namibia) Mulife is expected to be able to read, understand and analyse the professional and very courageous article written by Professor Roman Grynberg, to which he responded.

The article was not a judgment too early at all, but a judgment at the right time and platform. If we knew how to read we would not write or publish responses like this. The response shows complete ignorance of reading, as his arguments are in circles and accuse the author of things he did not write.

He goes on a blunt blind accusation – not very good for a graduate. There were only facts and they are not isolated and no names were published. He just cited narrative examples, and he did exactly report the reality on the ground and mentioned the challenges and reasons behind.

He has seen the discrepancies of the curriculum you mentioned and offered solutions. Why denying and feeling demoted. That is not helping the cause. Bridging courses etc. will only be part of the solution. And comparing the notion of “average” with the knowledge of the body parts of a locust really shows how the system has also failed Mulife.

So please, let’s not publish non-constructive personal articles with no intellectual substance. Swallow your pride and learn from the ones who know so we can uplift the nation, not pulling it down. We need courageous people, like Prof Grynberg, so we can change and not be complacent.

Patrick Helger


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