Informative ties…


Namibian Minister of Information and Communication Technology Tjekero Tweya flanked by Zimbabwean Deputy Minister of ICT Dr Win Mlambo (left) and chairperson of Namzim Newspapers Tarah Shaanika (right) –  in conversation with Patrick Shamba (extreme right), the Editor of Kwaidza, Zimpaper’s vernacular newspaper in Harare during Tweya’s tour of ZimPapers’ facilities yesterday. Tweya, who was in Zimbabwe to attend the extraordinary meeting of SADC ministers responsible for postal and courier services, visited the Zimpapers printing facilities, some of the newsroom for its 12 newspapers and its radio station in Harare. “As African journalists we [must] use our infrastructure to narrate our African stories, not using that infrastructure to tell other people stories of abuse, or humiliate our leaders,” said Tweya, who also took time out to have a special five minutes interview session on ZimPapers’ radio station, Star FM. Mlambo said the meeting allowed for a sharing of ideas on mandate of printing industries, issues of frequencies and the issue of meeting digitalisation deadline for broadcasting which most of the African countries have not yet met. Tweya’s visit to  ZimPapers coincided with the board meeting by the directors of NamZim Newspapers, a company co-owned by Namibia’s New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC).


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