No huge payouts for war veterans – Kambala

 Home Affairs and Immigration spokesperson Salome Kambala


The spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Salome Kambala, has strongly condemned misleading reports that former members of the liberation struggle are in line to receive huge handouts from government.

She said such information has led to people flocking to the home affairs offices to request claim forms “apparently since a form is needed to claim the lump sum of money they are about to receive from government”.

“This has become a nuisance to our daily operations and we are pleading with the general public to refrain from misleading people,” she said.

She said already the ministry of home affairs has been under pressure from the general public, who are complaining about the “apparent poor customer service at the ministry”.

“Some of the general public are saying that the ministry is back to square one after the turnaround strategy,” she said.

Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs spokesperson Edson Haufiku last month confirmed that a circular was doing the rounds in which the ministry apparently states how it’s going to pay veterans of the liberation struggle.

He said the information was devoid of any truth and is being disseminated with the intent to tarnish the reputable image of the Namibian government.

“There is currently no registration by Veterans Affairs or any other government institution of exile returnees for the purpose of paying out money, purportedly entitled to this group by the United Nations,” he said at the time, adding that such allegations are deceitful and should be dismissed with the highest contempt they deserve.

He called upon those responsible for concocting and spreading these fabrications to discontinue their “campaign of misleading and dividing the Namibian House and in particular the veterans”.



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