Councillor urges Koës to embrace Operation Omake



Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor Elias !Kharuxab has made an impassioned appeal to local residents to take ownership of Operation Omake in order to root out crime.
Speaking at the launch of Operation Omake at Koës on Saturday he urged residents to be part of the operation and to assist the police wherever possible to get rid of criminal elements and curb illegal activities in the area.
!Kharuxab called on all residents to work with the police with the common goal of making their village a crime-free place. This, he explained, can only be achieved once each and everyone is actively involved in the crime-fighting operation.
He said working as a team would guarantee the success of the operation and thus encouraged all residents at the village to do their part in making sure that the village becomes crime-free. He emphasised the need for the residents to work together with the police and come forward in numbers to clear riverbeds and other crime hotspots.
“Let’s all be part of the exercise and own the programme,” he urged.
He also advised the village council to join hands in making the village a safer place, saying he expects streetlights to be installed where they are needed and further urged central government to support local authorities with capital projects, such as the electrification of rural areas.
He called on the police force to conduct regular street patrols, stressing that the force has grown in number and thus more is expected of it compared to previous years when a shortage of personnel was the order of the day.
Station commander at Koës police station Warrant Officer Diata Garises briefly provided some background to the operation and told the residents that the police have identified and selected several crime-prone areas, which will be cleared during the operation scheduled for Friday next week.
She also called on residents to work as a team with the common purpose of reducing and preventing crime.


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