Namibians implored to embrace fellow Africans



Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala wants to discourage the tendency of some Namibians of who treat fellow Africans as foreigners. He says Namibians should not forget that the independence Namibia continues to enjoy today came as a result of international solidarity of many African countries.

He said while many Namibian lives were lost during the anti-colonial struggle, fellow African countries also lost citizens, shared their wealth and sheltered Namibians. The regional political head said: Africa would never be completely independent if some African countries continue to be colonised.

“Africa will never be completely independent if Western Sahara continues to be under the occupation of Morrocco. As Africans we must put pressure to end Morrocan occupation of Western Sahara,” Endjala said.

The governor made the remarks at the African Day celebrations at Oshikuku on Wednesday afternoon. Endjala also appealed to Namibians to maintain peace in order to further develop the country. He said while Namibia continues to enjoy peace, in many other countries peace is a dream deferred.

He further urged, what he terms “misled youths”, to refrain from insulting and making derogatory remarks against elders on social media. “We need to safeguard our hard won independence. The enemy of peace, progress and prosperity is hard at work to reverse our progress by causing divisions amongst the nation,” said Endjala.

In addition, the governor appealed to citizens to appreciate government’s efforts in addressing national issues and bringing services to the people. He said accusing government of not having done anything 26 years after independence is nonsensical and does not hold any truth, hence such statements should be avoided.

The governor highlighted significant projects led by government, such as the construction of roads, eliminating fees for primary and secondary school learners, as well as the distribution of drought relief food, among others.

“We should not say that government has not done anything. The drought relief food that we receive from government is not manna from heaven, but assistance from government,” he said.



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