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Sixty percent local music on Namibian Radio (Part 1)

Namibian Rapper Just Robert, formerly “LoSki” asked me a fortnight ago if it will be possible to get Namibian radio to playlist a minimum of 60% Namibian music. I will help you with the same answer I furnished him.
At this point and time in the industry, NO! Heck NO! It will be nail-breakingly impossible to expect Namibian radio to play 60% Namibian music. Ask me why…No really, ask me why? #HearsYouSCREAMWhy.
This is because we do not have enough Namibian music to fit all the radio target marketing in Namibia. Remember, I once told you on this platform that every radio station, regardless of it being privately owned, public broadcaster or community owned has its target market. NBC Setswana service will have a different audience to that of 99FM. One FM will have a different audience to that of BASE FM. Unam Radio will have a different target to that of //Karas Radio. Each radio station has its own market. Hence when you tune in, they all sound very different. Why? Because they have different markets that they are appealing to as subscribed in their mission and visions.
You might find Energy100fm boring, but find NBC Oshiwambo service entertaining. Though the next person might find it shockingly vice versa. You might find West Coast FM incredibly informative while the next will find the same station “childish”. I really pray #BushiliStyle that you grasp the point that I am trying to bring across. The point being with different markets, different types of music will appeal to these markets. As much as you think Gazza is the biggest musician in the country…the audience that Radio Wave serve will not buy into that “fact”. Why? Because that audience are not drawn to Gazza’s brand. They are into One Direction and Christopher the Grand. That’s life. People are people thus people have different tastes.

You can’t crucify NBC Otjiherero Service for not play listing Tate Kwela if Tate Kwela does not appeal to the market that NBC Otjiherero Service serves. In Namibia, the only thing you know is Kwaito and House (Foreign House). Game down! No really, let’s call a spade a spade. These two genres are the biggest genres in the country! Commercially at least. I can see KBOZZ, Sula and Antonio screaming…and SALLY, OTEYA and ANN SINGER?!…lol.

Despite this, you still can’t expect One FM to play Tate Buti. It’s just not going to happen. Why not? Because again we have different markets. (To be continued…)

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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