Swapo’s enemies cause disunity – Nujoma



Founding president Sam Nujoma is of the opinion that some people are hard at work to cause division and disunity among Swapo leaders under the presidency of Hage Geingob. Nujoma, who was Namibia’s first president, did not mince his words when he explicitly said that the country’s enemies do not appreciate the position and status in which Namibia under Geingob finds itself today.  This comes at a time of perceived and growing division in the ruling party as next year’s Swapo ordinary congress draws closer.  Party insiders have it that some within the ruling party have been trying to put Geingob and Nujoma on a collision course, a strategy which the two leaders quashed by appearing together at events and when making recent public statements.
Also, New Era has it on good authority that certain forces within the party have aligned themselves against Geingob who the congress is expected to endorse as party president at the 2017 congress.  It is understood that Geingob has fallen out of favour with a few politicians and business people after he refused to get dragged into dubious business deals, one of which is apparently an oil venture with some Angolan nationals from that country’s police force. Nujoma made the remarks on Swapo’s enemies at the launch of the party’s school in Windhoek yesterday and in the presence of Geingob, party stalwarts, youth leaders, foreign diplomats and journalists.
“As I have mentioned before on numerous occasions, the enemies of our country will not appreciate the peace and tranquility that all Namibians enjoy under the leadership of Comrade Dr Hage Geingob,” Nujoma said to cheers from the crowd.  “They will always try to cause division and disunity among the leadership and ranks of Swapo Party in order to reverse the gains of our hard-earned freedom and independence.”
He continued: “I therefore appeal to the members of Swapo Party to strive to concentrate on promoting the aims and objectives, policies and political programme to all the Namibian people, which must include the Harambee Prosperity Plan.”
Nujoma reiterated his famous quote: “I always say a people united, striving to achieve the common good of all members of society, will always emerge victorious.”  An equally excited Geingob stressed the hope that the school will serve to safeguard the party’s traditions and cultures.
“We sincerely hope that the Swapo Party School will enable senior cadres to instruct upcoming cadres, who in turn will also instruct future cadres, and ensure the safeguarding of our institutional memory and our culture and tradition as Swapo Party members,” said Geingob.  “I think we need to instill this culture of instruction amongst our cadres, now more than ever, as we face an era in which many disruptive forces are exploiting the ignorance of the younger generation, in order to bring about social unrest, confusion and chaos.” According to the head of state, the party stands for the unification of all Namibians and it is the only political formation that stands for the economic emancipation of all Namibians as well.
“Let us safeguard our party principles and ethics through this school because as Marcus Garvey said, ‘A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. There are those for whom peace is boring’.”
It is his account that some people are trying to establish and support all kinds of political parties in the hope that they will take over, but such parties have a history of being uprooted because they have no past history, origin or culture.
“Swapo Party has a history, has an origin and has a culture. It is a party with deep roots and it is for this reason that Swapo will go nowhere and is here to stay.”


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