Mbambo rallies Kavango East behind Harambee



Kavango East Governor Ambassador Dr Samuel Mbambo held a meeting yesterday with the regional leadership and stakeholders in the region to discuss how the people of Kavango East can contribute towards realising the goals of President Hage Geingob’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).  This was the second meeting on the topic. The first meeting was held on April 26, where the governor shared the HPP document with the participants in order for them to come up with ideas.
“We gave each other time to go and come back with ideas to this meeting, to share our respective ideas concerning the HPP on how we as a region can contribute to realise it,” Governor Mbambo explained.
“What we are doing today is to give each and every department, ministry, institution an opportunity to share with us ideas about what they plan to contribute towards the HPP in the context of their institutions. That is what we’re looking at today,” he added.
On April 6 President Hage Geingob published the finer details of his audacious four-year plan, through which he intends to lead Namibia according to his vision of the promised land of radically improved socio-economic conditions.
The HPP, first made public during Geingob’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on April 6, is so detailed that even the usually dismissive and negative opposition parties bought into the draft blueprint. Geingob and his team drafted an 84-page document, detailing how various interventions would be rolled out on the road to eradicating poverty.
Geingob during the SONA explained the successful implementation of the HPP – which seeks not to replace existing national development plans – would create a Namibia in which every inhabitant has access to the basic necessities required for a dignified life.
The Geingob administration aims to meet those basic needs and in so doing enable every Namibian to prosper according to their inherent ability and potential. The plan, according to the Head of State, would translate into a country where no one dies of hunger, where citizens have access to decent shelter and to basic amenities, such as safe drinking water, quality education, basic health services and a sustainable income.

“Most Namibians are hopeful, because they can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” a confident Geingob said when he made his plan public.  “The HHP complements our shared long-term prosperity goal by targeting the immediate implementation limitations and accelerating development in the short-term,” Geingob explained at the time. Yesterday’s meeting, attended by various stakeholders who made presentations on how they will play their part, started at 10h30 and was expected to last throughout the day.


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