Afro-Caribbean dance, what a style!




Dancers and lovers of dancing cannot but agree that the Afro- Caribbean dance was really an eventful sailing to tropical islands as the Dancing Cocktails set off at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) last Friday. Sabina Elago experienced the excitement.

The dancing floor could not but be on fire with expert dancer from Fusion Fun Studio and First Rain Dance Theater leading the pack in striking and intriguing  Afro-Caribbean dance moves with the audience benignly in line. “I feel like I am at the paradisiac beach now,” Sandna, a beginner Afro-Caribbean dancer in perfect imitative la expert non-stop felt. The moves were easy to understand and the music melted well with the choreography. Adding a spin here and a dip there, these social dances would reinvent themselves consistently and effortlessly into a dance that would rekindle anything and something everyone would have experienced ever before even in imagination.

For the whole night a seemingly entertainment-starved and crazed crowd was kept on the dance floor with many already looking forward to the next instalment, and soonest so


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